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Ed Antoja (Barcelona, 1976)


Ed studied several courses in the Cinema School of Cuba, the University of New York and Massachusetts School of Arts.


In 2003, he founded the producer Mc Guffin Estudio Audiovisual in 2003, where he works as director and executive producer.


Ed has written, produced and directed dozens of videos, advertisements and shows. He is also responsible for new TV programmes such as “TRENDY”, “Low Cost” and “Cuina de Despatx” and he is the creator and founder of, the first web and App to use geolocation to connect people who run into each other in the street.


EMPATHY, his first feature documentary, was premiered in theaters of Spain in April 2017. 


When a Dream Comes True, his first international documentary, was the only Spanish project selected to participate in Lisbon Docs and Documentary Campus, and won the award for best pitching at DOK Leipzig.

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La Diferencia, a commercial brand of Mc Guffin Estudio Audiovisual, S.L., is a film producer from Barcelona, dedicated since 2003 to making publicity videos, television formats and documentaries. Member of the Association of Audio-vi- sual producers of Catalonia (PAC) since 2006.


Among its best known documentaries we can highlight “Alzheimer. Un reto al cariño”, produced in 2001, which even today remains a landmark in the field of this disease. More recently, La Diferencia has launched the series “Madres”, with chapters that are already available on the Internet, or the formats “TRENDY” and “Cuina de Despatx”.


Also in 2013 she was associated producer of the film "Simone", directed by Juan Zapata and prize of the State Institute of Cinema of the State of Rio Grande do Sul of Brazil.


In 2017 La Diferencia premiered EMPATHY, a feature documentary about animal welfare coproduced with FAADA.


It is currently producing “When a dream comes true”, with the participation of Televisió de Catalunya.

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A film director and scriptwriter by profession, Ed has devoted his entire career to creating institutional videos for companies in Barcelona. However, he had always imagined that at his age he would have made it as a filmmaker in the United States.



Close to turning 40, and with his wedding just around the corner, he realizes that his life has not worked out as he had planned. An identity crisis begins which makes him leave everything and try to make his childhood dream —the American dream— come true, risking losing his fiancée, ruining his business and making a fool of himself in front of his family and friends. 



A trip from one coastline of the States to the other ensues, on which he meets various characters with whom he reflects on whether it is a good idea or not to try to follow our dreams, while he tries to follow his, and seek a more precise definition of happiness and love.


When a Dream Comes True is about dreams and the benefits and disadvantages of following them; at the same time, it reflects on whether or not they are mere idealizations that are impossible to reach and that remove us from reality.


Ed’s trip is that of someone who has postponed his dream to keep the hope alive —as a means of escape— that someday he would have a better life. It is an interior journey toward a new way of life that will enable him to enjoy every day, rather than keeping himself afloat and being happy only at the expense of dreams that are perhaps unattainable.


It is a documentary about a man who is encouraged to face his dreams in order to stop suffering and to know if it is possible to achieve them. It is a story about someone who cannot spend any more time speculating: he must achieve his dream or learn how to fail. Or, perhaps, learn that conforming does not necessarily mean failing.


The project has received support from Televisión de Catalunya and was the only Spanish project selected to participate in Lisbon Docs and in the Documentary Campus, where it won the award for best pitching in DOK Leipzig.


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